TenK (NearNames)

Company: Near Names (https://nearnames.com/)
Category: GO-TO-MARKET;
Influencer Partnerships

We need help getting early users. We would like you to build partnerships with 5 influencers
or artists who have at least 200,000 followers and get them to launch an NFT collection on
NEAR. NEAR will help the individual through the entire process. You’ll use your relationships
to get 5 artists to a YES that they will use TenK need to 5 individuals that will be interested in
launching a collection.

You will get 5 influencers to follow through and launch TenK projects with 10,000 NFT
generative sets. You will use your relationship with them to encourage them through the
process. What we don't want is people dumping influencers on us who back out because
that individual is no longer active in the conversation. There needs to be a definition of
success for the set.

Highlight for Collab.land

Bounty $10,000


Traction Channels:

About Near Names:

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